Cristina Miguel @ 18 _ Concept Pictorial

Since the first meeting we already knew that Cristina was unlike any ordinary teen out there. With looks fit for a beauty pageant, a charming smile and a bubbly personality, the olive-skinned debutant is also an outstanding college student. She’s a class-topper who would squeeze-in our meetings in-between school activities. When asked about the theme she wanted for her debut photoshoot Cristina suggested a resounding“basta kakaiba po”, and being the artists that we are in Visionary, we were more than ready to give her our version of “kakaiba”. As she portrayed edgy characters to more elegant ones, Cristina not only proved to be an excellent learner but an efficient model as well. From the deserts of Persia to the waters of the Carribean, from Slumdog to Princess, from Mutant to a Sexy Auto Mechanic, ...  hail our lovely debutante Cristina Miguel. make-up: Jackie Rivera      event planner: Kan Chiu Events by Denise Dorotan      styled: Mike Lavarez of Visionary [foldergallery folder="wp-content/gallery/cristina-miguel-18-pictorial"]  

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