Ace + Karla Cinematic E-Pictorial

As a young couple Ace & Karla are always preoccupied with work. Weekends are spent at home in their favorite couch resting, playing on the laptop, reading books or doing a DVD marathon. Being kids at heart with almost no time for play the couple wanted something that reminded them of the interesting characters they “spend time with” during their free time – including the couch. The Visionary team quickly thinks out of the box and comes up with the idea to shoot them not with but AS these characters. Ace & Karla were more than ready to ham it up and play Alice & the Madhatter, Harry & Hermione, Scott Pilgrim & Knives, Neo &Trinity all for a day. The pictorial seemed like a day-long activity of a pretend game for grown-ups who are kids at heart (both the team & the couple!) because everyone sure did enjoy the broomstick ride care of Harry & his friends! Being long-anticipated, the pictorial was a sweet family affair for Ace & Karla, with their parents providing the costumes & a ride for their most beloved co-star – their favorite couch!


make-up: Macy Aguilar      concept and styling: Mike “Nico” Lavarez      illustration and graphic design: Cloud Quinot

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7 Responses to “Ace + Karla Cinematic E-Pictorial”

  1. Santiago says:

    Wow, the pictures are really amazing. I even had to bookmark this page and saved a few photos on my computer. Ace and Karla make good characters and they actually look like real movie stars. This was indeed a great pictorial. I love it!

  2. Freaking adorable.

  3. gerald says:

    hanep! ganda! nakakatuwa yung part na kasama si sir jervin na nakasakay sa walis., haha!

  4. Lindsay says:

    So cute!! I love the Harry Potter shots! I love the Alice in Wonderland shots! I love love the reading books on the couch together shot! You guys are adorable!!

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  6. xtaline says:

    great! you’re featured in Mary Sue!

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