Jon + Janice Prewedding | Kapurpurawan Rock Formation | Vigan City

Both working abroad and having little time to stay in the country, Jon & Janice wanted an extraordinary E-pictorial which can also serve as a vacation. After a few online “meetings” we all agreed to do their E-pictorial in one of the most beautiful provinces in the Philippines – Ilocos.
Ilocos is a province rich in cultural heritage and is abundant with splendid sceneries both natural and man-made.  We created an itinerary that included an ample amount of research on the prospective locations we wished to shoot in. From the authentic old Spanish houses to the brick roads, not to mention the “Kalesas” and the products of the local merchants - even the fast food outlets had their interiors in the same nostalgic design, everything was reminiscent of the old Philippines. It was almost sun-down when we did our first lay-out. The location and timing was perfect for Jon & Janice looking very modern & hip, the couple looked like they were visitors from a different era!
Our first day was just as amazing as the second. The lighthouse was breath-taking as the structure was built in front of a lush landscape of greeneries. The sea fronting it was calm and serene. The only thing that was not cooperative was the healthy amount of sunlight which resulted to several retouches. Even so, the shoot was just as successful as the couple were strategically dressed in summer-inspired outfits. Noon-time was fast approaching and everyone agreed not to get baked at the Lighthouse. The trip was getting more and more exciting as our next destination was at the rock formations of Kapurpurawan Island, Ilocos Norte. When we arrived at the island the first sight was not as surprising as the stories we heard about it. Surprisingly we were told that we actually had to travel about half an hour more to the so-called (THE) rock formations – by foot (sharp rocks on the first half, while mossy- wet rocks on the second half!). Kapurpurawan is an unscathed island of enchantment. Its vast, panoramic rock formations were unbelievable. The place reminded us of sci-fi movies where the characters are transported to other planets. Its terrain was reminiscent of another world as they were similar to vein-like protrusions and patchy humps. Kapurpurawan is truly a gift of nature to man. With the place having no man-made fixtures – including electricity, we had to pack up as soon as the sun started to rest. Our “journey” to Karpurawan felt more rewarding when a shot of the couple kissing in silhouette wrapped-up the shoot. Subsequently the photo looked as dramatic as the place.
The next day followed and it was time to go back to Manila. The weather was a bit unruly but we carried-on and prayed hard for it nor to be overly abusive. Before heading back to the Laoag Airport in Ilocos Norte, we did not let the chance pass of doing a lay-out in one of the most talked-about hotspots in Ilocos – the Bangui Windmills.  The Bangui Windmills was a scene to behold. The place was a long stretch of wild waves with gargantuan windmills lined-up by the shore. The couple were effortless and it was only after a few shots when we nailed the final photograph. They ended the album with a lay-out reminiscent of a walk in the park - only that their background was the breath-taking colossal Windmills of Bangui.
Similar to the natural treasures we discovered in Ilocos, the trip was truly memorable for each member of team. And as for Jon & Janice, their wish was granted for a vacation-slash-E-pictorial trip.
locations: Ilocos Norte (Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. Bangui Windmills) / Ilocos Sur - Crisologo St., Vigan make-up: Chiara Diaz      styled by Mike "Nico" Lavarez with associate photographer Jeff Cadiz

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