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Alex + Kristel Cinematic Engagement Pictorial

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It is nice to see couple really getting into it (specially the groom!!!) …  They had their outfits tailor-made, shared inputs with the story, up to how it is suppose to be done with the editing.  And to make it even more authentic, the pages are read from right to left. Just like the “manga” style.

So far, we’ve done Action, Comedy, Interpretations, Drama,  … now, get ready for Manga (Japanese Anime)!

“A Full Metal Panic Inspired Photo Shoot”

Creative Director / Costume Designer: Krista Nogueras      Executive Producer: Mike Pelayo

Make-up: Happy Andrada      Graphic Artists: Bernice Beltran, Deo Magno and Angelo Valendria


1 Comment

  1. I’m speechless, awesome shots, didn’t see all these pictures on the wedding! It’s different when it’s on the Large screen display, but, it’s very creative, great job, Jervy! =)

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