Ingle + Aimee Cinematic E-Pictorial (trash-the-dress)

“LEFT 4 DEAD” inspired photo shoot

It is always a challenge to create something different.  And the best part  … we enjoy doing it!  .. lights .. camera .. ACTION!

Photography: Jervy Santiago     Executive Producer: Mike Pelayo     Creative Director: Krista Nogueras     Prosthetics: Leo Velasco / Raphael David

Costume Design: Krista Nogueras and Bernice Beltran     Graphic Artist: Bernice Beltran     Assistant Photographers: Jeff Cadiz / Marvin Yabut

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60 Responses to “Ingle + Aimee Cinematic E-Pictorial (trash-the-dress)”

  1. I’m a sucker for a zombie wedding shoot. Fantastic stuff!

    That dress served her well!

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  4. Oliver E. says:

    wow! It looks like a big production… Your creations inspire me to retire early and be a photographer!!

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  7. Leah says:

    Dress styles go out of style but I don’t think zombies ever will. This is the most insane wedding shoot I’ve ever seen. No one will ever be able to call the bride and groom a boring couple after this one. Great work!

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  10. Michal says:

    Love your vision…we are having a zombie wedding next year…but we will be zombies…not the hunters…we only hope to find someone as talented as you to share our final vision…and to capture the moment as intended…awesome work!

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