Ela Atienza Pre Debut | Alice in Wonderland

An Alice in Wonderland Theme, Ela’s pre-debut shoot is every photographer’s dream. We had this great production team, that brainstormed so well that every detail has it’s distinct role that collaborates well with the styling of clothes, make-up and the staging of the scenes.

This was the first time I worked with Team Saga, and the collaboration with the them was so pleasant, everyone is cooperative, professional and very passionate in what they do. (hats off to you, moppet!)

The after effect of all this, paid off in the upshot of the photos .

During the shoot it rained, I was a little bit worried, but it actually worked for me, I even created some of my chosen layouts from the rain as an effect for the photos.

Check out the chic and advertorial shots from this set! You’ll definitely love it!

Make-up by Eric Maningat Styled by Bea Albert Production Stylist: Bambi Hernandez

A Saga Event Production, headed by Moppet Aquino


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