Abigail’s PreDebut Pictorial Part 1 Dark Horse By Katy Perry

My pre debut shoot was procrastinated because of my tight school schedule and Jervy Santiago’s team was very considerate to adjust to my schedule to make the shoot possible. The photo shoot was done on a weekday so we decided to start the photo shoot at 5pm in Studio Central right after my classes but coming from DLSU Taft to Katipunan where the studio is located, EDSA traffic didn’t let us start on time. I really admire Katy Perry’s Dark horse music video so I decided to be her for my pre debut shoot and my mom was very supportive that we had the costumes replicated just for my shoot. We had 5 layouts and it took us 10 and a half straight hours to finish the whole shoot. Jervy Santiago’s team kept up with me and stayed enthusiastic until 5:30am in the morning! It didn’t expect my shoot to last that long. It was very tiring nonetheless, I got to be Katy Perry, and it was all worth it! ~ Abigail Manlongat location: Studio Central Styling and Art Direction by Krista Nogueras Graphic Artist: Aizle Esdicul

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