Kimberly Ann’s Predebut Pictorial

Debuts are usually major productions, so it only makes sense that a lot of thought goes into the pre-debut pictorial. Most debutantes usually go for something saccharine, opting to celebrate their femininity. For Kimberly Ann’s pictorial, however, we decided to go on a different direction – still highlighting her femininity but in a fiercer, more sophisticated, more fashionable, and definitely more glamorous way. Impeccable styling by Feliz Lucas, as we went for a Great Gatsby theme, so there were lots of gorgeous headdresses and flapper-style clothes, as well as  dresses that highlight her every curve. Very womanly indeed.  Paired with dark makeup courtesy of Gery Penaso, wavy Veronica Lake-like hair, and ornate jewelry, she was a sight to behold. We shot her on location at Café 1771 at Ortigas, a haven for both brunch lovers and bibliophiles because of their library-inspired interiors that hark back to the days when gentlemen smoked pipes and women were more genteel. Location: Cafe 1771      Styled by Feliz Lucas      Make-up by Gery Penaso Coordination: Ruby Ines      Shot Alongside with Michael Hilario Sy

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