Jassen & Denise’s “A day with the Smurfs”

Putting couples into a new realm through visionary photography’s cinematic engagement session is quite a challenge. We always keep in mind that we should never repeat any of our cinematic pictorials before – Denise and Jassen stepped up and challenged us to be in another level of awesomeness. Denise and Jassen’s concept of fun was a total break of our leg. They wanted the smurfs to be part of their world. The real shooting was not a problem at all; the nerve breaker was the 3D animated design of the smurfs that we’d glue in their engagement pictorial. But starting off with this kind of branding, we always secure our couples that nothing is impossible! Visionary’s team is always able to turn imaginations into reality. Photography: Jervy Santiago Styling & Concept Design: Mike Lavarez Graphics: Aj Sarmiento Make-up: Jackie Rivera Special thanks to Mr & Mrs Dennis and Lennie Chua for lending us the venue  cheers!

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