Agent Shayne’s “Xperiment 623” (a pre-debut concept pictorial)

Our recent debutante is anything but mundane, average & complacent. Co-starred by her best friend Lianne, Shayne’s pre-debut album by Visionary serves as the trophy for all the hard work her family & friends have put to make her dream concept happen. However, the lengthy production of 4 shooting days was not exactly an easy one to pull-off. Partnered with a special effects supervisor, the photography & video (care of Inxites) teams had to work in-sync throughout the shooting days. Shayne’s action-packed album involved a series of REAL fight scenes (choreographed by a fight coach for movies) at film-worthy locations – real abandoned building, sci-fi comic treatment with matching authentic props & costume (& fake blood, too!) & thrilling sound design all engaged to put each guest at the edge of his seat. True enough, Shayne Samoy’s “Experiment 326” is one of the best productions the Visionary team has ever made! Locations: Visionary Studio / Shayne's Residence at Tierra Pura / Berkely / Puzon Bldg / PB Dionisio Make-up: Macy Masocol-Aguilar Video: Inxites Digital Coordination: Jp Montilla

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