Bryant & Carla Engagement | Boracay

#BahalaNa #ParaSaPagIbig #BuwisBuhay #MakeItWork If I were to summarize this shoot in hashtags, those four would be it. Since our pre-wedding shoot’s venue is in Boracay, I knew that it was going to be a memorable experience, and I was right. Our shoot was scheduled the day Typhoon Falcon hit landfall, but being the brave warriors (haha!) that we were, we pushed through. We had already booked our flights, so we knew we had to do it. Thankfully, Bryant and Carla were such total troopers and shared, they didn’t mind braving the winds and the rain just to get good shots. #BahalaNa So there we were, amidst the typhoon, doing shot after shot, pose after pose. We braved the storm, and we were right smack in the eye of the storm. #BuwisBuhay, right? That’s not all, we also hopped from one island to another. Yes, in that weather. We were out from 9am-6pm and if I remember correctly, the rain stopped only seven or eight times, with a maximum average of only 10-15 minutes of no rainfall. So of course we took advantage of those moments. Obviously we couldn’t get the sun to come out, but I think we made it work. Boracay exudes a different, more somber kind of beauty in gloomy weather that was perfectly captured in the photos. Bryant and Carla were amazing, as they did not let the bad weather dampen that special day. Bryant and Carla, thanks for making it work on that crazy day! I really feel #blessed. Shot alongside with Jeff Cadiz

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