Mark & Kayzee Pre Wedding | Biri Rock Formation

For the love of art. Tiis-ganda. Buwis-buhay. During the shoot for this breathtaking pre wedding shoot, these phrases were proven true. We encountered quite a number of challenges just to be able to pull off this shoot. First off, travelling to the venue was tedious, plus we were in a hurry because we needed to catch the sunset. These rock formations may be gorgeous, but they sure are slippery. Our bride slipped and injured her knee. However, we all really wanted to pull off the shoot, so the next day, we all woke up to catch the sunrise – something I rarely do! The shoot was a success, but again, another setback – my 50mm lens got ruined because I left it on the ground when it was low tide and got washed away by the waves. Because the waves were quite high, we had to wait for a while before we could cross to get to another island. It was the ultimate buwis buhay experience because we had to walk on slippery, sharp rocks. Plus we had to finish our shoot within 3-4 hours, otherwise, we’d have no choice but to stay on the island overnight, and none of us were in Survivor mode! Our lovely bride Kayzee sustained even more injuries, but she gamely continued with the shoot. All the challenges were worth it, though – we were rewarded with beautiful shots, a one-of-a-kind experience, incredible stories, and for some of us, battle scars! My favorite shot would have to be the one with the 30-ft high wave as the background. Inabangan ko talaga yun! Mark and Kayzee, I look forward to covering your wedding. Hopefully, it won’t be as buwis buhay as this shoot, yes? Shot alongside with Michael Hilario Sy and Jeff Cadiz

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  1. Jessa Barizo Reply

    Wow sir jervy ang galing galing nyo po talaga!!!

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