Jon + Sherlyn’s Dungeons & Dragon’s Cinematic E-Pictorial

With the first ever 38-page comic-themed special, Visionary Team takes you deeper into the dark and brilliant world of a fantasy epic. Being a fellow artists from a neighboring country, Singaporean couple Jon & Sher flew all the way to Manila for a one-of-a-kind Visionary experience. Jon & Sher proved to be the creative couple that they are when they were more than enthusiastic to co-direct their own pictorial. Their Dungeon & Dragons-inspired engagement shoot was one for the books – four months of pre-production, indoor & outdoor locations plus the lengthy online conversations which consisted 90% of the arrangements. Once again, Visionary proved its global approach to design & ingenuity. Photography: Jervy Santiago / Chadwick Tsai Creative Director: Krista Nogueras Graphics: Cloud Quinot Production Design: Krista Nogueras / Mike Lavarez Concept & Storyboard: Krista Nogueras / Jon Lim Make-up: Macy Aguilar

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