Alex + Kristel Wedding

Remember Alex and Kristel from our wicked COSPLAY e-pictorial? ( – With the blue hair, darkened make-up and all that? Well, it was a complete turn around when i saw her on her wedding dress. She was so pretty that …

John + Josephine Wedding

I’m not into choosing favorites, but i had to put Pinpin on top of my list as the best poser! She knows where to put her hands, where to look,  where to place her head, which side to turn …  …

Angel + Elena Wedding

location: Century Park Hotel / San Agustin Church Coordination: Kan Chiu Etc by Denise Dorotan      Emcee: Michael Sy Video: Inxites Digital      Associate Photographers: Jeff Cadiz, Arnel Palor

Myk + Jasmin Wedding

There are so many things to say about this couple, and if there should be only one thing to say – that everyone who knows them would agree with me is that … their “laughs” are contagious! Do i need …

Bryant + Lisha Wedding

Locations: Vivere Suites / St. Jerome, Alabang. make-up: Jacq Galvez      coordinations: Event Embassy      serenaded by Uno Ritmo associate photographer: Jeff Cadiz